Ann - March 27
Kim Creese
Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Good Morning, Bobcats!!



Today is known as National Scribble Day.  Diane Alber,  author of I’m NOT Just a Scribble, founded National Scribble Day in 2019 to share a message of kindness and acceptance and to encourage children to create art no matter their ability. Each of us starts out as a little colorful, wrinkled up human being with eyes, nose and sometimes a shock of hair. Our personality develops as we go. We’re a bit like a scribble.


Joke of the Day:  What falls but never gets hurt?… The rain! 


Don't forget this Friday we will have another Fantastic Friday to raise money for Myles Mohr.  Ice cream sandwiches for $1.00 will be sold during Junior High lunch for grades 6-8 and from 2-2:45 for grades Preschool-5th.  Let's all show little Myles our support!


Have a Great Day, Bobcats!



Lunch today: Pork Patty, Potatoes and  Gravy, Corn, Peaches, WG Roll



Breakfast for Bagel, Sausage and lunch is Hot Dog on WG Bun, Chips, Baked Beans and Pears