Ann Friday, Dec. 14

Announcements , Friday, Dec. 14 ,2018 Good morning Bobcats! Fact of the Day: Did you know that emperor penguins can dive as deep as 1,700 feet? Yesterday's Trivia of the Day was: Q: ...

Ann - Thurs. - Dec. 13

Good Morning, Bobcats! Fact of the Day: Did you know that the lowest temperature on earth was -135.8 degrees Fahrenheit in Antartica in 2010. Would anyone like to live there??? ...

Ann - Wed. - Dec. 12

Good morning bobcats! Great news! Coraline's MRI showed that her tumor is GONE! She does have some fluid build up on the right side but her doctors say that it's post surgical fluid and it...



Amy TenEyck

Erupting our volcanoes view image

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Amy TenEyck
Brenda Christiansen

Parents, Download our new app: RePlay It! This allows you to upload photos to our school yearbook and your photos might be used in the yearbook for all to see and enjoy! Try it tonight at the elementary concert! Take photos of your child and upload your favorite photos to the RePlay It App! Your photos might make it into our yearbook for all to enjoy!

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Brenda Christiansen
Amy TenEyck

Painting our volcanoes view image

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Amy TenEyck
Trent Lally

Bobcat of the month for November! view image

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Trent Lally


Dec 14

Event: JH (G) BB vs. Schleswig
4:00 PM - 5:45 PM

Dec 17