Good Morning Bobcats!!!

Today we celebrate Inside Out Day and all the colors of our emotions.  Student Council members will be coming around during 1st period today to take pictures of our school rainbow. Teachers are reminded to mark down all the students in their classroom who dressed up.  Mya Goslar will be coming around to pick up your class rosters at the end of 1st period today. 

The class that has the highest percentage of students who dress up throughout the week will receive a super COOL surprise! 

Here are the standings so far: 

8th grade is still in the lead with 62%     Ms. Christiansen’s 2nd Grade Class is still in 2nd place with 50%      and 4th grade is still in 3rd place with 46%.

3rd grade is in 4th place with 37%, 7th Grade is in 5th place with 27%, 5th grade is in 6th place with 26%, The COU Staff & Ms. Ransom’s 2nd grade class is tied for 7th place with 23%, 1st grade is in 8th place with 22% and we have a tie for last place with the Kindergarten and the 6th Grade Class at 21% each.

We will be parading down Main Street today in our class colors & Disney themes.  Please be outside in front of the school at 2:40 so we are ready to go by 2:45.  In case of rain we will parade around the gym.

Tomorrow is Beach Hawaiin Day.  It’s all about The Little Mermaid and Lilo & Stitch.  Let’s see what creative costumes you will have!

Congratulations to Tajel Jepsen!  She was the winner of the Homecoming Trivia yesterday.  The game that was played last year as a kick-off to Homecoming Week was Blind Volleyball.  Come to the office and pick up your prize!

Here’s today’s Homecoming Trivia Question:   Who is MVAOCOU playing on Friday in the Homecoming Football Game? 

Talk to your teachers and other students or use your resources to see if you can find the answer.  All answers MUST be turned in by the end of each day and one lucky winner will be announced tomorrow.  You can’t win unless you play along!

Student Council Group #1 is in charge of Recycling this month.  Please be sure you have it picked up first thing this morning.  Thanks!

For lunch today is Beef Taco, churro, refried beans, cheese, lettuce, salsa and peaches.

Breakfast for tomorrow is cheese omelet and toast.

Lunch for tomorrow is Chicken nuggets, potatoes, gravy, broccoli, mandarin oranges and a roll