Good Morning Bobcats!!!

Fact of the Day: Did you know that in 1878 the first phone book was published and it had only 50 names in it!

Joke of the Day:  Why did the student eat his homework?    Because his teacher told him it was a piece of cake!

The COU Student Council wants to hear your jokes!  If you have a funny joke or riddle and would like to share it with the whole school, please submit your jokes to Kim’s office.  If your joke or riddle is chosen it will be announced during the morning announcements and you will get the credit!  Keep them clean & keep them funny!

Remember there will be a 2 hour early out today due to the heat index.

Please set out your recycling at the end of the day and the Student Council Group #1 will be around to pick it up in the morning. Thanks!

For lunch today is a Chicken patty on a bun, fries, green beans and peaches

Breakfast for tomorrow is biscuits and gravy.

Lunch for tomorrow is lasagna roll up, cottage cheese, lettuce salad, cookie, and pineapple.