Good Morning Bobcats!!!

Fact of the Day:  Did you know that astronauts have measured up to 2 inches taller after returning from space.  So if you want to be taller, I guess you should plan a trip to the moon!


This week, Oct. 14-18th, is known as National School Lunch Week.  In 1962, President John F. Kennedy created National School Lunch Week as a way to celebrate the National School Lunch Program.  Today, 95% of schools and over 30 million children receive healthy and affordable lunches!  Please be sure to thank our lunch ladies, Diane Gotto and Becky Meadows, for always preparing us delicious and nutritious food!  Draw them a picture of your favorite school lunch or write a letter thanking them for making it!  Give it to them this week & maybe they’ll even hang up your drawings for all to see!!!


Joke of the Day:  Our first joke today comes from Logan Trucke, a 4th grader.

Q:  What time of the day do people visit their dentist the MOST?

A:  At TOOTH-HURTY!   Get it, not 2:30, but Tooth-hurty!!!

Hahaha, good one, Logan!


Our second joke of the day comes from Greyson Bohm, another 4th grader.

Q:  Why did police arrest the paint thief?

A:  Because they caught him red-handed!

Way to go, Greyson!  Great joke! 

The COU Student Council wants to hear your jokes!  If you have a funny joke or riddle and would like to share it with the whole school, please submit your jokes to Kim’s office.  If your joke or riddle is chosen it will be announced during the morning announcements and you will get the credit!  Keep them clean & keep them funny!

There will be a Student Council Meeting this Thursday, Oct. 17th, starting right after school until 5:00.  PLEASE BRING YOUR LAPTOPS WITH YOU!

For lunch today is Chicken Quesadilla, Lettuce salad, brownie, carrots, and fruit slushie.

Breakfast for tomorrow is: pancake, sausage on a stick, and hashbrown.

Lunch for tomorrow is:  Ham, Turkey, Cheese Sub Sandwich, chips and a banana.