Morning Announcements

Morning Announcements: Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Good Morning Bobcats!!!

Today is National Jellybean Day!  If you still have some left from Easter, today is the day to get them out and enjoy them!

Today is also National Secretary’s Day!  Be sure to give a shout out to our secretaries at school:  Kim Creese, Tayten Kline, and Cathy Carstens!  Find a way to send them a special THANK YOU today!

And, of course, who could forget, National Earth Day!  As citizens of the world, we can take actions protecting the Earth, its creatures and their habitats.


Interesting Fact of the Day:   Did you know that McDonald’s once made bubblegum flavored broccoli?  However, it didn’t end up going over too well with the kid testers!


Joke of the Day:   What do you call a fish without eyes?   

Answer:  Fsh


The COU Student Council would like to extend belated birthday wishes to all the students who didn’t get a chance to celebrate their birthdays at school since our last day together on March 12th.

Kelby Terwilleger – March 13th

Abbey Meseck – March 13th

Jodee Kruse – March 14th

Liza Klinker – March 15th

Peyton Gress – March 16th

Anna Burroughs – March 18th

Maelee Mohr – March 19th

Avery Funkhouser – March 23rd

Axton Rosenau – March 24th

Issy Mohr – March 28th

Lukas Avery – March 28th

And to the April Birthdays that have taken place thus far…

Emma Mumm – April 2nd

Jackeline Factor – April 3rd

Denise Fortune – April 3rd

Liberty Maynard – April 4th

Samantha Sorensen – April 9th

Emma Paulsrud – April 11th

Matthew Hanson – April 12th

Tayzun James – April 13th

Lyrik Pryor – April 14th

Derek Jepsen – April 14th

Makinzee Rosburg – April 16th

Drew Goslar – April 17th

Sean Staley – April 17th

Elizabeth Gran – April 18th

Addison Wilcox – April 20th

Josiah Peitsch – April 21st

If we have forgotten anyone or the date is not correct, please let us know and we will correct our error.  Thank you for understanding and we hope you had great birthday memories during this CoVid19 time!

That’s all for today.  Remember stay safe and stay healthy!  Look for our morning announcements everyday until the end of the school year!