Morning Announcements

Morning Announcements: Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Good Morning Bobcats!!!

What is something that you probably use everyday without even thinking about how or why it was invented?  If you said, THE ZIPPER, you’d be correct!  Today is National Zipper Day!  On this day in 1913 the zipper first received its patent!  Read all about how the zipper first got started today!  You might find it pretty interesting!

Did you know???  There are 4.5 billion zippers of all kinds consumed in the U.S. per year. That’s 14 zippers for every American per year.  Just for fun today, go around your house and see how many zippers you can find!  Who has the most zippers in your family?


Happy Birthday wishes go out today to 5th grader, Tajel Jepsen!  Happy Birthday, Tajel!  May you have a wonderful day celebrating your birthday!


Joke of the Day:   Q:  When do monkeys fall from the sky?

A:  During APE-ril showers


The COU Student Council would like to hear some good jokes!  If you have a good joke you’d like to share, submit them to Mrs. Christiansen’s email address: and we will share them with everyone in our morning announcements and you’ll get the credit!


KINDNESS ROCKS!!!  The Student Council has started a project called “Kindness ROCKS”.  We’d love you to join in on the FUN!  Find some smooth rocks and paint them with bright colors.  Add a message of encouragement and then go “hide” your rocks around Charter Oak, Ute, or Soldier.  When someone finds your rock we ask that they share it with everyone on Facebook and then go and re-hide it or keep it and “hide” another rock that they’ve made!  Please join in on the fun and see how many rocks you find, as well!  If you’d like to see some rocks that the Student Council students have made check out their Facebook page:  Charter Oak-Ute Student Council!



Friday is May 1st!  That’s only 2 days away!  Would you like to join the COU Student Council members in making MAY DAY baskets for the shut-in’s and for your classmates, teachers, friends, or family members?  By all means, please feel free!  Spread a little happiness to someone you know!  Make a MAY DAY basket and deliver it to their doorstep!  Ask your parents for any help you may need!  HAVE FUN!


That’s all for today.  Remember stay safe and stay healthy!  Look for our morning announcements everyday until the end of the school year!