Jennifer Allen

Jennifer Taylor Allen

Was born on September 7, 2006.

 Her favorite color is blue.

 Her mom's name is Abigail and her dad's name is Zachary. She lives with her stepdad, Travis. She has two siblings, a younger brother, Tiger, and a younger sister, Jocelyn.

 Her favorite subjects are English and reading.

 Her favorite memory at CO-U happened in Science class when we read about tectonic plates out of the science book and we couldn't stop laughing about the word "cracks".

 Her nicknames are Jenna Wenna and Jenna Bean. They are the nicknames her parents gave her when she was younger. Jennaler is what her cousins call her.

We want to wish Jennifer and all the 8th grade students at COU best of luck next year as Freshmen wherever they may go!