Tuesday's Announcements

Morning Announcements: Tuesday, May 5th, 2020

Good Morning Bobcats!!!

Today is Tuesday, May 5th!  Happy Cinco de Mayo Day!  Today is also Teacher Appreciation Day.  It is time to say “Thank You” to the exceptional teachers that you know.  Let teachers, past and present, know you appreciate them for all that they do.  Teachers play a critical role in educating and shaping your children. They are kind, patient, hard-working, dedicated, and understanding professionals who help mold your children and guide them in positive directions.

How many of you could say goodbye to your computers, your TV’s, your phones, or your games for just one day?  I bet if you really tried, you COULD do it!  This first week in May is known as Screen Free Week.  This week encourages everyone to unplug and re-engage with those around you. Find out more at www.screenfree.org.   Try giving up just ONE day and I guarantee you’ll be glad you did!

This week is also known as National Pet Week.  If you’d like everyone to see how special your pet is just send your photos to Mrs. Christiansen’s email at bchristiansen@co-u.net and she’ll upload them to the school website for everyone to see!


Interesting Facts of the Day:  Did you know that the average person unlocks their cell phone about 110 times per day?


Joke of the Day:  

Q : Where do sheep go on vacation?

A:  The Baaaa-hamas!


And finally, if you haven’t heard the news yet, the COU Student Council received some very exciting news yesterday.  They were selected as a winner in the KTIV’s Making a Difference Contest!  The entire Junior High School has won a trip to Arnold’s Park this summer!  Congratulations COU!  IT’S a GREAT DAY to be a BOBCAT!



That’s all for today.  Remember stay safe and stay healthy!  Look for our morning announcements everyday until the end of the school year!