Morning Announcements

Morning Announcements: Tuesday, May 19th, 2020         Good Morning Bobcats!!!

Today is National Devil’s Food Cake Day.  Observed annually on May 19th, National Devil’s Food Cake Day is enjoyed by chocolate cake lovers throughout the country and around the world.  Devil’s Food Cake is a heavenly chocolate cake. It differs from a regular chocolate cake by its darker color and tends to be more moist and airy. Devil’s Food cake recipes use hot or boiling water as the primary liquid. Cocoa is typically utilized in the batter, as opposed to chocolate, and coffee can be added for a distinctive flavor. A delicious chocolate frosting usually accompanies the cake.  So, what are you waiting for?  Try baking a cake today for someone you love or bake it with someone you love!  Either way, enjoy yourself and your cake!

Interesting Fact of the Day: Did you know that the world’s most expensive cake, a birthday cake loaded with diamonds and hand-sculpted fondant, had a price tag of $75 million?  WOW!  I wonder who that cake was made for?

Joke of the Day: Q: Why did the teacher scold her students for something they didn’t do?   A:  Because it was their homework they didn’t do!

Yikes!  Be sure you’re keeping up with your homework!

Happy Birthday wishes go out to 4th grader, Greyson Bohm, today!  Greyson, we hope you have a fun day packed with all kinds of cool things and maybe even some cake!

Congratulations to 8th graders:  Koltin Linkenhoker, Anna Huisinga, Rafael Rodriguez, Caralyn Henschen and MaKenna Meseck!  These 5 students were selected as MVAOCOU Student Council members for next year!  We are so proud of you and everything you accomplished this year at COU and can’t wait to see what great things you’ll do in Maple Valley next year!

Are you a 5th, 6th, or 7th grader this year and would like to be a part of this FUN Student Council group?  If so, fill out the forms that were in your last packet to become a member of the COU Student Council for next year!  They need to be returned by May 28th.  We’d love to have you!

The 2019-2020 Yearbooks have arrived!  IF you ordered a yearbook throughout the year, they are in!  There is a limited supply left to purchase.  If you missed out throughout the year and would still like a copy reserved for you, please contact Mrs. Christiansen at .  These will be on a first contact basis until they are gone.  The cost is $25.  Thank you!


Do you need something FUN to do this week?  Well, wait no longer, the COU Student Council will be sponsoring a “Where’s Bobby the Bobcat?” Scavenger Hunt.  It’s kind of like a “Where’s Waldo” kind of thing.  That’s right, everyday they will be hiding a Flat Bobby the Bobcat figure in your hometowns of Charter Oak, Ute, and Soldier.  When you find him, take your picture next to Bobby and post it on Facebook or send it to Mrs. Christiansen and watch for him to move to a new location the next day and so on.  DON’T move Bobby or the game will end.  We will let you know what day we will be starting this!  Hopefully by the end of the week!

That’s all for today.  Remember stay safe and stay healthy!  Look for our morning announcements everyday until the end of the school year!