Announcements - Dec  20

Announcements for Monday, Dec.20th

Good Morning Bobcats!!


For lunch today is chili, cinnamon roll, cheese stick, applesauce, carrots sticks, and a WG cracker

Lunch for Tuesday is chicken nuggets, fries, broccoli, and peaches

Breakfast for Tuesday is French toast sticks, little smokies, fruit, and juice

We are having a Pajama day on Wednesday in order to wear pajamas you have to pay a dollar

The 5th grade class tree is also a giving tree. 5th grade invites anyone to give new or gently used hats, gloves, or scarves to be donated to the 24th street donation sight. Items can be dropped off in the boxes at the 5th grade tree by the gym.  Thanks- 5th grade.

Our Kids club Christmas program has been moved to Monday night Dec. 20th  at 7 pm. We want to stay safe. Thanks, Mrs.Jo

Now for the purple heart pledge: I will not use my hands,   or my words,      for hurting myself,      or others, 

Now, please stand for the pledge of allegiance        (Don’t say it too fast.)

I pledge Allegiance,        to the flag,