Good Morning Bobcats!!!


Fact of the Day:  Did you know that the world’s largest pumpkin ever grown weighed 2,624.6 pounds!  Holy cow!  Now that’s definitely ONE BIG pumpkin!!!


Today is known as National Caramel Apple Day and National KNOCK-KNOCK joke Day!   So here are some Halloween Knock-knock jokes just for you!


Knock Knock!        Who's there?     Ghost!         Ghost who?                                                         Ghost stand over there and I'll bring you some candy!


Knock Knock!         Who's there?                  Dishes.                  Dishes who? Dishes a very scary haunted school!

Ha ha ha….those were great!

The COU Student Council wants to hear your jokes!  If you have a funny joke or riddle and would like to share it with the whole school, please submit your jokes to Kim’s office.  If your joke or riddle is chosen it will be announced during the morning announcements and you will get the credit!  Keep them clean & keep them funny!


Today is our ALL SCHOOL JH Blind Volleyball Tournament!  Teams and Brackets have been posted.  Prizes will be awarded to the BEST DRESSED team and to the 1st and 2nd place teams in the tournament!!  We will start the tournament at 1:30 in the gym.  Please be ready to start playing right away.  Games will last 6 minutes or until a team reaches 12 points, whichever comes first. 

For lunch today is: : Hollow Weinie in a coffin, witches fingers, Frankenstein Beans, and a Jack-o-lantern cookie.