Good Morning Bobcats!!!

Welcome Back!  We hope you enjoyed your Christmas Holiday Break and are ready to see what the New Year has in store for you!

Did you know that the first calendar ever created only had 10 months, January and February were added later to account for the 60 days that were left over.

Since December was originally that 10th month of the year, its name comes from a word meaning “ten”.


Today is known as National Cuddle Up Day.  January is typically some of the coldest days of the year, so what better way to stay warm and reap the health benefits of cuddling on National Cuddle Up Day? Whether it’s a human, a canine or another pet or even your stuffed animal, remember to cuddle up tonight and stay warm!

Joke of the Day:  What do you call a game system with a tic tac stuck in it? Mint Condition!

For lunch today is: Chili, Crackers, Cinnamon roll, Cheese Stick, and Applesauce.

Breakfast for tomorrow is:  French Toast Sticks and little smokies

Lunch for tomorrow is:  Chicken patty on bun, hashbrown, green beans and peaches.