Good Morning Bobcats!!!

Interesting Fact of the Day:  Did you know that people have been drinking hot chocolate since the 1500’s? 


Today is known as National Bobblehead Day.  Each year on January 7th, National Bobblehead Day recognizes a day of celebration for all spring-connected head bobbing figurines.

For over 100 years, bobbleheads have been entertaining and fascinating fans and collectors. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, too. Bobbleheads commemorate iconic teams, movies, and cartoon characters. Individually, they represent some of our most exciting athletes or thrilling television and movie characters.   How many bobbleheads do you own? 

Joke of the Day:  Q:  What do you call a dinosaur that is sleeping?

A:  A dino-snore!

For lunch today is: Chicken patty on bun, hashbrown, green beans and peaches.

Breakfast for tomorrow is:  Scrambled eggs and a muffin

Lunch for tomorrow is:  Lasagna roll-up, cottage cheese, lettuce salad, cookie & pineapple