Announcements - Nov. 18

Announcements for Thursday,  Nov. 18th

Good Morning Bobcats!!


For lunch today is Chicken and Biscuits, Peas, Peaches, Chocolate Cake

 Breakfast for tomorrow is Roll, Yogurt

Lunch for tomorrow is  Pizza, Romaine/Tomato Salad, Corn, Pears


On Friday, Nov. 19th, the Student Council will be supporting the Veteran’s chapter of Charter Oak, Ute, and Soldier.  Students can donate $1.00 in order to be allowed to wear a hat.  Money should be brought to the office and they should sign the sign-up sheet.  If students would like to pay a $1.00, it will be used as a donation to these local Veterans groups.

 There is a home junior high basketball game today and tomorrow at 4 against MVAO. Girls game tonight and boys tomorrow night.  Concession stand workers tonight are Emerson and Hailey, tomorrow nights workers are Ben and Cheyenne


Now for the purple heart : I will not use my hands,   or my words,      for hurting myself,      or others, 

Now, please stand and put your right hand over your heart and face the flag as we join in the Pledge of Allegiance.        (Don’t say it too fast.)

I pledge Allegiance,        to the flag,      of the united states of America,       and to the republic,      for which it stands,     one nation,     under god,    indivisible,     with liberty,     and justice for all,


Have a Great Day Bobcats!!