Ann - March 7

Announcements – Monday, March 7th  

Good Morning Bobcats!!


On your marks, get set, Go!!   Track  meeting this Thursday, March 10th at the end of the day.


For lunch today is pizza, romaine tomato salad, applesauce 

Breakfast for Tuesday is biscuits and gravy, fruit, juice and milk 

Lunch for Tuesday is hot ham and cheese on WG bun, hash brown, greens beans, banana


Reminder: turn in your softball and baseball forms by Wednesday, March 9th. 


Kids club tonight.  Ride the bus.  

Now for the Purple Heart pledge: I will not use my hands,   or my words,  for hurting myself, or others.

Now for the pledge of allegiance  (Don’t say it too fast.)

I pledge Allegiance,    to the flag,