Ann - April 12, 2022

Good Morning Bobcats!!


For lunch today is Mc Rib on WG bun, baked beans, sweet potato wedges, peaches, milk 

Breakfast for Wednesday is scrambled eggs, muffin, fruit, juice, milk 

Lunch For Wednesday is pork patty, potatoes and gravy, mixed veggies, WG roll, pears, milk 

Reminder: The student council will be selling Autism Awareness bracelets for $2. 

Great job to the running bobcats on their first meet last night at boyer valley, ribbons were tough to come by in the 13 team field but all the entries in field events and on the track gave their best efforts, way to go team!, 



Now for the Purple Heart pledge: I will not use my hands,   or my words,  for hurting myself, or others.

Now for the pledge of allegiance  (Don’t say it too fast.)

I pledge Allegiance,    to the flag,