Announcements -April 26, 2022

 Announcements- Tuesday, April 26 

Good Morning Bobcats!!


For lunch today is hot ham and cheese on WG bun, sweet potato wedges, baked beans, peaches, milk 

Breakfast for Wednesday is breakfast pizza, fruit, juice, milk 

Lunch For Wednesday is chicken biscuit, mixed veggies, pears, chocolate cake, milk

Reminder: The student council will be selling Autism Awareness bracelets for $2.

The minors and majors girls have practice at the Charter-Oak softball field, today and tomorrow.  


There is a track meet today in Logan. Dismissal is at 2:20, departure at 2:30

*******************************************************************Now for the Purple Heart pledge: I will not use my hands,   or my words,  for hurting myself, or others.   

Now for the pledge of allegiance  (Don’t say it too fast.)

I pledge Allegiance,    to the flag,