Reminder that there is teacher inservice tomorrow. We will resume school with students on Tuesday.
9 days ago, Adam Eggeling
Kindergarten is enjoying center time!
11 days ago, Lisa Cripps
4 th grade music with ukuleles today!!!
12 days ago, Shelley Stallons
4 th grade
School Pictures are Ready! View and order at CHARTER OAK UTE ELEM MIDDLE SCHOOL Event Code: FE135123 Also Needed: Powerschool Unique Student ID Powerschool Unique Student ID # is your child's lunch number. If you don't know this, feel free to call the school and ask.
12 days ago, Brenda Christiansen
Mrs. Green's 2nd graders have been working hard learning digraphs and learning how to work with a partner!
13 days ago, Kayla Green
What are some benefits for students to eat school breakfast? Better Concentration Increased school attendance Improved academic performance Maintain a healthy body weight Price for school breakfast: Full Price: $1.40 Reduced : $0.30 Free: $0.00 Adults: $2.55
14 days ago, Adam Eggeling
6-8 Cy-Hawk winner Bralynn French.
15 days ago, Jim Staley
3-5 Cy-Hawk winner Malakia Trucke.
15 days ago, Jim Staley
PK-2 Cy-Hawk winner Madden Goslar.
15 days ago, Jim Staley
It's time for our weekly Staff Spotlight, where we take time to introduce one of our amazing staff members to you, our community. We hope you enjoy getting to know us a little better. Today we introduce Dan Steele, also known as Coach Steele to some. He is our Physical Education teacher as well as a member of our Building Leadership Team, which focuses on improving teaching and learning throughout the school. In his spare time, Dan coaches our JH Volleyball team and has also coached JH Boys Track. This is Dan’s 6th year at Charter Oak- Ute. When asked what he loves most about working here, he stated that he really enjoys all the students he gets to work with and the staff. Advice that he would give to new staff members just starting their careers here is “Patience is the key.” When grabbing a bite to eat in the cafeteria, Dan said his favorite school meal is a Cheeseburger and fries. After the school day is done and all the games have ended for the season, Dan likes to relax at home with his wife Kelsey and 3 sons; Maddox, Breck and Kyler. In addition to being with his family, he really enjoys being outside in nature and playing sports.
15 days ago, Paula Harris
The following are the class colors that the students have chosen for class color days (Sept 27th): No preschool that day Kindergarten:Grey 1st grade:Yellow 2nd grade:Royal blue 3rd grade:Red/rose 4th grade:Teal 5th grade:Purple (lavender) 6th grade:Baby blue 7th grade:Green 8th grade:Pink (hot pink) Staff:Black
15 days ago, Melissa Snyder
Homecoming is coming up! This year Homecoming is on Sept 25th-29th! Student council has also decided on the following dress up days: Monday-PJ day Tuesday-Sports day (dress up in your favorite sports team apparel) Wednesday-Class color day Thursday-Hat Day Friday-Bobcat Day We are also having blind volleyball in the afternoon on Thursday!
15 days ago, Melissa Snyder
First pep rally. Check out the band. Love it. We have a large group this year. So exciting.
19 days ago, Shelley Stallons
pep assembly
PARENTS, GUARDIANS, GRANDPARENTS, COMMUNITY MEMBERS join us! We'd love to have you attend our monthly meeting! We offer you the opportunity to stay up to date on current events, volunteer opportunities, and much more.
19 days ago, Paula Harris
3 rd grade music centers - bells and keyboards today !
20 days ago, Shelley Stallons
3 rd grade music
3 rd grade music
It's time for our weekly Staff Spotlight, where we take time to introduce one of our amazing staff members to you, our community. We hope you enjoy getting to know us a little better. Today we introduce Melissa Snyder! She is our school’s Guidance Counselor and a member of our PBIS team, helping to promote positive behavior in school. She has also been a constant fixture at home sporting events where she takes charge of the scoreboard for us. However this year she will be stepping away from the scoreboard and into the Concession Stand as she takes on a new role as Student Council Advisor. This will be her 5th year at Charter Oak- Ute. One of the things that Melissa loves most about working here is getting to help the students understand their emotions. When asked if she had any sage wisdom for our new staff members, she stated, “Be yourself. Don’t try to be like another teacher. Teach in a way that works for you.” Another area of Melissa’s life that is important to her is her family. She recently got married to her husband in 2021. She said they currently have no children but they have 6 nephews and 2 nieces that they LOVE to spoil. (With another one on the way!) After the school day is done she enjoys reading books, cooking and spending time with her husband.
21 days ago, Paula Harris
Phones at the school are down. If you need assistance email or
25 days ago, Adam Eggeling
1st day of 3's Preschool.
28 days ago, Cari Mesenbrink
1st day of 4's Preschool!
29 days ago, Cari Mesenbrink
It's time for our weekly Staff Spotlight, where we take time to introduce one of our amazing staff members to you, our community. We hope you enjoy getting to know us a little better. To kick it off, we have our fearless leader, Adam Eggeling. He is our Superintendent/Principal. This is his 21st year at CO-U. His role has changed several times throughout his time here. Initially he was our High School Business Teacher, followed by Dean of Students, Assistant Principal, 6th-12th Principal, K-8th Principal and then in 2019 he settled into his current position. Somethings he loves most about working at CO-U are the relationships between our staff and community, and how we all value each other. He also appreciates that he knows all the students names and their families. Adam states "This is a great place to work. The staff and community are close and supportive. Everyone is here to help and improve." When asked about his favorite school lunch, Crispitos won his vote, by far. After school, Adam calls Denison home, which he shares with his significant other Jessica. He has two children, Aidan (15) and Brylee (12). Jessica has three of her own, Dominik (16), Giana (15) and Daimian (13). Outside of work, Adam loves spending time with his kids and family at their events and activities. He also enjoys going golfing.
29 days ago, Paula Harris